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YEAR: 2011

Mind the
above qualified police officers, members of a GOE, stating that specializes in patrolling was to investigate an anonymous tip, when he saw three people smoking marijuana near a sports ground. What to be addressed, the drug was AAAAASSD CJJJNH who consumed the drug with two children. Narcotics seized and drawn up the Detailed referred Term. Nothing more.
Incidents recorded by the scribe Valdemir...


The lack of strict laws end up encouraging people to use marijuana because they know they have soft feathers. Brazil is a paradise for criminals. Democracy has been misinterpreted and has become synonymous with permission for the crime. (Text of the Scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes)

Below is a testimony of which I took during my life scribe.

Present military police officers, qualified above, stating that they were on patrol when they spotted the author curling grass on white paper. What to be addressed, it was found that it was marijuana. As also found in the pocket of the shorts Aldawer a lot of marijuana. According to the author he had bought, as it does every month, because a user of marijuana. Drug photographed, weighing 18.75 grams and sealed under number 1248XXX. Detailed carved Term and author released under commitment to attend the forum so ordered. Nothing more.

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