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Law No. 3353 of May 13, 1888.


THE PRINCESS IMPERIAL Ruling on Behalf of His Majesty the Emperor
Mr D. Pedro II, makes known to all subjects of the Empire that the Assembly
General decreed and sanctioned the Law It follows:
Article 1 - It is declared extinct since the date hereof slavery in Brazil.
Article 2 - Revokes the context otherwise requires.
Send therefore to all authorities to whom the knowledge and implementation
belong to that Act, that comply with and enforce and save
as fully as if it contains.
The Secretary of State for Foreign d'Agriculture, Commerce and Public Works
Acting Foreign Affairs and Bachelor Rodrigo Augusto da
Silva of the Council of His Majesty the Emperor, please print, publish
and run.
In the Palace of Rio de Janeiro, 13 May 1888 - 67th Independence
and the Empire.
Letter of the Law, by which Your Imperial Highness the decree orders the implementation
General Assembly that there was a sanction and declare extinct
Slavery in Brazil, as it is declared.
To see Imperial Highness.

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