domingo, 11 de novembro de 2012


By: Valdemir Mota de Menezes, the Scribe
Personally I favor the quota of places for black students entering the universities. While the path is entering the study at universities can not be replaced by another criterion. It is logical to accept that blacks suffered racial discrimination for centuries and enriched many whites, blacks born in Brazil have no right to freedom, in many religions like Mormons, nor were accepted as members. Among Jehovah's Witnesses in the early twentieth century were instructed to sit in the back of the hall. The other Protestant and Catholic churches also contributed to the suffering and discrimination of blacks (If religious piety did so, imagine the unprincipled ethico-religious?). Now any law that favors before mistreated is a form of compensation for historical wrongs of the past.
For years I had doubts about the merits of this Act, but in hindsight, blacks were slaves for centuries had no right to anything in extremely cruel system of Brazil. He had no right to family, education, freedom to decide his fate. At least three hundred years the Brazilian government must compensate blacks. Logical that other groups have suffered in colonial Brazil, Protestants and Jews were discriminated against, but nothing compared to slavery and inhumane treatment given to blacks.
I know the Law of quotas is not perfect, many people have taken advantage shamelessly claim to be black, when your skin is clear, only to benefit from the rights granted to blacks in competitions and vestibular.
I changed my mind after ten years, to be exact, I changed my mind this year, after making a study of two months on the whole process of slavery in Brazil. It was so much humiliation, degradation was much the same, so was cowardice to the next, that even after the freedom of blacks, with the Golden Law, the cowardly white farmers preferred Brazilian import foreign labor Italians, Japanese, German and Lebanese to provide employment for blacks.
I changed so radically opinion, I think monetary compensation from a financial to blacks, pays for three hundred years, would also be a way to compensate the african-Brazilian. Again the Americans went ahead because in the 1960s, were the first to establish the quota system.

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