segunda-feira, 21 de maio de 2012


Attend, the Environmental Military Police, stating that in response to denounce 188311012, which is about birds hanging from a tree, being used to call other birds, the place it was found that there were two birds in a tree, without trap (hit) in contact with the same author reported that the birds were his property, asked if it possessed more birds, it said yes. Authorizing the entry into his residence, it was found that there are 16 more birds. Since some birds showed signs of having been recently captured. It was also found in a trap hit his home. Given the above the same does not have authorization to possess birds, three bluebirds were seized for being in the list of birds threatened with extinction. The remaining birds were seized because there is evidence of the author make the capture of these birds which also belong to wildlife. We developed the Environmental Assessment Notice 269389 in the amount of forty-five thousand dollars. The fine was applied twice because the place to be inserted in the buffer zone of the Serra do Mar State Park was apprehended a hit (trap). Eight birds are colerinhas Acarau for the farm, in Bertioga, organ accredited IBAMA to receive the birds. The others will be deposited to the author of the facts because there is no place certified by IBAMA to receive them due to lack of space, the Treasury has not received Acarau other birds because they are only receiving domestic and birds that are able for immediate release. Nothing more. (Testimony taken by Valdemir Mota de Menezes, the Scribe)

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